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Common Parts

Electrical Parts & Wiring

SPE104 Fuse holder cover, rocker switch control box More Info
SPE105 Fuse More Info
SPN107 Solenoid for 14" gas spreader _ More Info
SPE107A Ignition swicth, rocker style (forSPE108A) More Info
SPE107B Clutch engage switch, rocker style (for SPEll 08A) More Info
SPE107C -Throttle control switch, rocker style (for SPE108A) More Info
SPE108A Control box assy, rocker switches More Info
SPE109A Cab wire harness, for rocker switch control box (SPE108A) 16' More Info
SPE110 Cab wire harness estension, 10' More Info
SPE111 Weather Pak plug, femaile, for cab harness More Info
SPE112 Weather Pak plug, male, for hopper harness _ More Info
SPE113 !Weather Pak plug splice kit, 1 male plug, 1 female plug, each w/ 12" wire More Info
SPE114A 8' hopper wire harness (length 12'), Briggs More Info
.SPE114B 9' hopper wire harness (length: 13'), Briggs More Info
SPE114C 10' hopper wire harness (length: 14'), Briggs More Info
iSPE114E 9 h ' hopperwire harness (length: 13'), Honda More Info
SPE114F 10' hopper wire harness (length: 14'), Honda More Info
SPN115A Battery cable, negative (black), Briggs More Info
SPN115B Battery cable, negative (black), Honda More Info
SPE116A Absorbed Glass Mat Battery, new style, 7.5x5x7 (LxWxD), for spreaders wl batt tray under engine More Info
SPE1 16B Absorbed Glass Mat battery, old style, 7x3x6.75 (LxWxD(, for spreaders w/ 2 threaded rods More Info
SPE117 Battery spacer, 3x3x.5", secures gel battery in place beneath motor mount More Info
SPN118A Battery cable, positive (red), Briggs More Info
SPN118B Battery cable, positive (red), Honda More Info
SPN116 Starter cable, black _ More Info
SME520 Battery tray for SPE116A, painted More Info
SME520S Battery tray forSPE116A, stainless More Info
B & HO Control Box Switch Starter  
SPN117A Battery cable, positive (red), Briggs More Info
SPN117B Battery cable, positive (red), Honda More Info
SPN126 Drainzit, oil plug with drain for pre-2004 Hondas (before SN 5405) More Info
HWF352 Key 114x2" conveyor driveshaft or clutch More Info
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