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M80AGX - Meyer 8’ Aggressor Xpress Snowplow

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M80AGX - Meyer 8’ Aggressor Xpress Snowplow

M80AGX - Meyer 8’ Aggressor Xpress Snowplow


The all-new Aggressor Plow is our premium plow and delivers unmatched plowing performance. Developed for contractors, the Aggressor plow provides the same high performance as heavy-duty highway plows. The large overhang, taller moldboard, 75 degree attack angle and precise moldboard curvature combine to create superior lift and unmatched snow rolling action. This not only allows the Aggressor Plow to move more snow, it moves more snow faster - you get more done in less time!

Model Number Moldboard Length Moldboard Height Moldboard Gauge Vertical Ribs Trip Springs
Meyer AG-8.0  8.0’  31.5"  12 
Cutting Edge Plow Width at Full Angle Sector Power Angling Arms Weight Complete
1/2" x 6"  83"  Push Frame  1-1/2" x 10"  850 

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