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SHPE1500 - Buyers SaltDogg SHPE1500(Black)

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SHPE1500 - Buyers SaltDogg SHPE1500(Black)

SHPE1500 - Buyers SaltDogg SHPE1500(Black)

IDEAL FOR MEDIUM AND HEAVY DUTY COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS. General –The SHPE series electric polymer Salt Dogg spreaders are completely self-contained, ultra-durable spreader units designed for ice and snow control. The rugged design allows for use with salt or salt/sand mix. The complete assembly mounts easily on pickup, dump and platform trucks, making it ideal for municipalities, shopping malls, industries, hospitals and private contractors. MATERIAL HOPPER – Rotationally molded double-wall polymer unibody spreader with smooth angled walls to maximize material flow. Features integrated positive position mount system plus 4-piece ratchet tie-down kit. No drilling required. Molded fork slots in hopper makes for easy one man installation and removal; requires extended forks, or lift either series with 4-point tie downs. AUGER – Screw-type auger system travels the length of the hopper floor, providing maximum material flow at a continuous rate. An independent spinner/auger controller allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between spinner and auger. MATERIAL FLOW/OUTPUT – Salt, 2.2 cu. ft. / minute; Salt-Sand, 1.3 cu. ft. / minute. Spread width is variable from 5 to 38 feet. SPINNER CHUTE ASSEMBLY – An 11.5" polymer disc with four fins is connected to a 3/4" diameter shaft. The spreading material is guided from the stainless steel trough to the spinner plate through an enclosed heavy-duty poly chute and spinner assembly with an external deflector. The extra-wide adjustable deflector protects the rear and under carriage of the vehicle, and allows for complete directional spread control and full or compact spread. Total spread path ranges from 5’ to 38’. A convenient spring-latch locking mechanism allows the spinner assembly to be easily removed for cleaning/storage. ELECTRIC MOTORS – Two ultra-quiet 12-volt DC direct-drive motors power the auger and spinner, and are encased in a heavy-duty poly housing along with the independently powered vibrator. The wiring harness is constructed of 10-gauge automotive wire with non-combustible sheathing (-50° to -105° C). An in-cab console features independent controls for the auger, spinner and vibrator. STANDARD EQUIPMENT – 1/4" black powder coated steel top screen. Heavy-duty poly-vinyl tarp with reinforced corners and tie-down kit. Heavy-duty 12 VDC vibrator, rated at 210 foot pounds for maximum performance. Spreader hold-down kit. SHPE1500 & SHPE1500X: Overall Length, 92" (requires 77" minimum bed length. Fits all 8’ beds and most standard 6’ beds); Capacity Struck, 1.45 cu. yd.; Width, 50.5"; Height, 37.5"; Recommended use, 3/4 or 1-Ton trucks.

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