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Common Parts

SHPE2250YEL - Buyers SaltDogg SHPE2250(Yellow)

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SHPE2250YEL - Buyers SaltDogg SHPE2250(Yellow)

SHPE2250YEL - Buyers SaltDogg SHPE2250(Yellow)

HPE2250 - Saltdogg SHPE2250 2.5 cu yd poly spreader Buyers SHPE2250 2.5 Cubic Yd Poly Spreader -2.25 cu. yd. capacity (rounded load) -5.25" diameter auger x 1/4" (flighting) x 83" L (vs. SHPE2000 measurements of 2.5" x 1/8" x 38" L) -Two, 1-1/8" auger bearings (SHPE2000 has one 1" auger bearing) -400 lb vibrator (SHPE2000 is 200 lb) -3/4 HP auger gear motor (SHPE2000 has 1/2 HP) -60 Amp controller (vs. 40 Ampof the SHPE2000) -14" diameter spinner (SHPE2000 has 12") -Adjustable height spinner chute. 2-positions standard. -Built-in tie down points (SHPE2000 has formed metal) -LED third brake light, surface mounted, top rear center (but not wired) -Prewired harness and mounting provision for optional spinner light

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