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Common Parts

TGS800 - TGS 800 Spreader

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TGS800 - TGS 800 Spreader

TGS800 - TGS 800 Spreader

TGS 800*
Hopper Design Low-Profile
Hopper Construction Polyethylene
Hopper Capacity 8 cu ft/780 lb
(.3 cu m/363 kg)
Hopper Dimensions 48"H x 36"W x 21"D
(122 cm x 91 cm x 53 cm)
Spreader Weight 220 lb (160 kg) Plus Mount
Hopper Cover Solid Poly
Feed Mechanism Feed Paddle
Vibrator Kit Optional
Top Screen with Bag Opener Standard
Motor High-torque/12-volt DC
Spinner 12" (31 cm) Poly
Spread Width 4-20 feet (1-6 meters)
Material Deflector Adjustable poly deflector
Receiver Hitch Class 4
Control Variable speed control with blast feature and overload protection
*Designed to spread sand, salt or a combination of both.

Standard Features

  • Low-Profile Design Poly Hopper: Our low-profile TGS spreader is designed so that your vision is not obstructed.
  • Solid Poly Hopper Cover: Our solid poly hopper cover is designed to last longer and prevent moisture from entering the hopper.
  • Top Screen With Bag Splitter: Easily open bags and filters deicing material.
  • Poly-Adjustable Material Deflector: Allows you to control the direction in which the material is being thrown.
  • 12" Diameter Poly Spinner: Our durable 12-inch poly spinner will not corrode like traditional steel spinners and ensures consistent distribution.
  • Swing-Away Spinner Assembly: An exclusive feature of out TGS 800, the swing-away spinner assembly allows for quick removal of leftover material.
  • Enclosed 12-Volt Electric High-Torque Motor: Completely sealed and enclosed 12-volt high-torque electric motor.
  • Enclosed Feed Paddle Motor: Only available on our TGS 800, the enclosed feed paddle motor exclusively powers the Feed Paddle Mechanism with 12 volts of reliable, high-torque electric power.
  • Stabilizer Arms And Ratchet/Tie-Down Straps: Holds the spreader securely in place while eliminating side-to-side movement.
  • Variable Speed Control With Blast Feature And Overload Protection: Standard on our spreaders giving you the ultimate in spreader control.
  • Two-Year Warranty: Covers both parts and labor for two full years.


¾ and 1-ton trucks

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