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Common Parts
Swaploader Hook Lift Hoists

SwapLoader would like to show you how you can turn a single truck into a versatile fleet. Go from a single function to a multi functional truck virtually overnight. Expand your business into areas you never thought possible. Now you can do more with less, when you install the SwapLoader hooklift System on your trucks.

A SwapLoader hooklift hoist lets you mount and dismount truck bodies (flat beds, dump bodies, vans, sand/salt spreaders, water tanks, waste recycling containers and more) in a matter of seconds and without leaving the safety of your cab. Just back up, hook up, and go.

Select a Swaploader truck application from the choices below.

Light Trucks

These SwapLoader hoists are favorites for landscapers, waste haulers, small equipment dealers, and more. They are ideal for trucks under 26,000 lbs. GVW. No CDL Required!


POPUP_TEXT Medium Duty Trucks

SwapLoader's 200 series units are leading the pack when it comes to hauling construction debris, roofing materials, or waste products.

SL-220 | SL-222 | SL-240

Governmental and Construction

The SwapLoader hooklift hoists specifically designed for municipal, county and state government applications are also naturals for the construction industry and waste haulers. This innovative line dominates this market because of its unsurpassed efficiency and versatility.

SL-2418 |SL-330 | SL-400

Heavy Duty Trucks

Designed to be used with tandem axle and larger trucks, this family of SwapLoader large hoists continues to command the industry. Massive, productive, safe-to-operate, strong, yet lightweight and agile are adjectives used every day by operators of these large hoists.

SL-505 |SL-545 |SL-650

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