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Common Parts

Meyer Lot-Pro Snowplows

Meyer Lot-Pro Snowplows

Meyer Lot-Pro Snowplows

When the Lot Needs to Look Like It's July
For contractors who take pride in a finished lot that looks like summertime, the Lot Pro™ features the tallest and most aggressive contractor-class moldboard on the market. Thirty-two inches tall with a 75° attack angle, Lot Pros deliver better overall clearing performance in less time. And the aggressive attack angle allows for superior back-dragging performance.

Steel Lot Pros are powder coated with DURA-SLICK™ automotive paint with Teflon® for superior snow-rolling action. Lot Pros are available in steel, stainless steel and poly moldboards.
LotPro profile - Tallest and most aggressive
Tallest moldboard 32" and most aggressive attack angle 75 degrees

Lot-Pro pressure zones
Highway Plow-inspired Black Iron
Behind the moldboard is totally redesigned "black iron" consisting of robust, tubular steel A-frame and pivot bar. Highway plow-inspired, this simplified design creates a stronger plow at key pressure zones and more evenly distributes the load. The pressure zones are further enhanced by three, reinforced points-of-contact and a tubular bar along the entire back of the moldboard for increased torsional strength.
The larger, wider, more solid pivot bar is made of heavy-walled tubular steel for added strength and rigidity at key pressure zones

We Don't Call it "EZ" for Nothing
The modular EZ-Mount Plus system conveniently attaches or detaches from the truck in less than a minute and leaves the truck with a clean, off-the-assembly-line appearance when not attached.
LotPro  - Truck pulling up tp LP

Better Lights for Better Sight
Meyer Nite Saber
It's hard to plow what you can't see, so all Meyer snowplows come with dual halogen Nite Saber® Lights. Or you can upgrade to the popular Nite Saber® II Lights. Night Saber II lights are fully adjustable and iso-mounted to resist vibration. Nite Saber IIs feature easy-to-replace dual halogen bulbs and wrap-around turn signals.
Lot Pro Reliability
Solid As A ROC
In the snowplowing business, downtime is not an option, that's why the Meyer Lot Pro is built using Reliable Over-time Construction (ROC)... the detailed things we do to make our plows more rugged and reliable. ROC is the result of manufacturing improvements and state-of-the-art technology combined with stringent quality control procedures.

The ROC process includes:
Slot & Tab Construction* A strong and more precise way to fit steel together
Robotically-Welded Seams & Cross-Sections* State-of-the-art robotic welders never get tired and never make a mistake
Triple-Layer Waterproof Seals Three times the waterproofing protection of most plow seals
Heavy-Duty Trip Springs Heavier gauge and more efficient design yield the longest service life in the industry
Sealed Coils & Connectors Reduces debilitating corrosion of electrical system and mechanical parts






Pre-drilled Deflector Holes, Another Meyer Improvement


DURA-SLICK™ Paint System Automotive style paint with Teflon® baked on to the steel for durability and better snow-rolling action (Poly Moldboards not included)
Heavy-Duty Rams Thicker walls on rams for added strength
Patented Single-Piece Power Plug Patented one-connector design means fewer wires and connecting points to fail
Easy Access Grease Points Easily accessible grease points at high-wear areas
Single-Piece Cross-over Relief requires no adjustment and provides greater reliability
Custom Molded Hydraulic Cover Standard on E-58 units. Protects from salt and road grime for improved reliability
*Applies to select Meyer moldboards.



All Drive, Lot and Road Pro moldboards are manufactured with pre-drilled holes making it easy to add a snow deflector, eliminating time when adding this important safety feature.  Since they are pre-drilled at the factory, the holes are sealed with Dura-Slick paint to help prevent rust.


Reliable and Responsive Operation
The driving force behind every Meyer snowplow is a reliable and responsive hydraulic system. Triple-layered sealed coils and connectors virtually eliminate corrosion and moisture often found in electrical and mechanical systems. And unlike competitive systems, all Meyer hydraulic systems ship standard with custom-molded covers to help protect the units from road salt and grime.
Central Haudralic Kit

ROC Warranty ROC Solid Warranty
Meyer is proud to offer the industry's best warranty coverage on complete plow systems with an online registration:
3 YEARS on all components.*
5 YEARS on all structural steel*
EZ - Mount Plus
When it's cold, wet and dark, struggling with a stubborn snowplow is the last thing you want to do. That's why the Lot Pros EZ-Mount Plus mounting system conveniently attaches or detaches in well under a minute, and leaves the vehicle with an off-the-assembly-line appearance when not attached. Unlike competitors who have up to three plugs, the EZ-Mount Plus system comes with just one patented plug to connect/disconnect. And Meyer's free-standing jack stand allows you to adjust the plow's height on uneven our shifting surfaces for easy on/off.
EZ-Mount Plus
Patented single plug

Fleet-friendly Management
Fleet-friendly Management
EZ-Mount Plus mounting systems are fleet-friendly because the moldboards and controllers are interchangeable. Lot Pro moldboards can also be attached to our time-tested EZ-Mount Classic® mounting systems.

multi wing position Multi-position Wing
Meyer's EZ-Wing MPs™ are multi-position, all-steel wings that greatly improve the performance and efficiency of your Lot Pro moldboard. Each wing can be positioned independently to create a box, scoop or straight blade configuration (up to nine positions are possible), with the pull of one pin. EZ-Wing MPs add nearly 2.5 feet of overall length to any Lot Pro moldboards. Fixed position wings are also available.

One-Button Control

Pistol grip (Standard), joy stick (Optional) and touch pad (Optional)

All Lot Pros come standard with ergonomically-designed pistol-grip controllers. This controller features intuitive, back lit buttons that easily control all functions of the plow with the push of just one button per function. On the backside of the controller are diagnostic instructions that make trouble-shooting easier.

Is the pistol grip not your style? Meyer also makes optional joystick and touch pad controllers with the same easy-to-use features and diagnostics. See the "Accessories" tab for details.
EZ - Mount Xpress™
Is truly the first snowplow system that mounts in seconds and requires no pins, no holes, no twisting or turning. Simply drive up to the plow, push a button, and the EZ-Mount Xpress automatically attaches and locks to the truck. To dismount, push a button and the EZ-Mount Xpress detaches automatically. Unlike competitors who have up to three plugs, the
EZ-Mount Xpress system comes with just one patented plug to connect/disconnect. The Xpress mounting system is available with a Lot Pro full-trip plow or a Diamond Edge bottom-trip plow. The choice is yours.
EZ-Mount Xpress

Fastest, Easiest Mounting System on the Market
Step one Drive up to the plow
Step two Plug it in with our patented one-piece, water-proof plug
Step three Flip the mounting switch. Sip coffee as it automatically aligns and attaches to your vehicle
Step four You're ready to plow
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