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Buyers Salt Dogg VX Series Snow Plow

Buyers Salt Dogg VX Series Snow Plow

Buyers Salt Dogg VX Series Snow Plow

VX series

The SnowDogg VX Series plow takes the toughness and reliability of the EX series and puts it in a V-plow. Regenerative hydraulics give you the speed you want, and double acting cylinders mean REAL back dragging is standard. The trip edge mechanism ensures and easy ride, and also means strong wings for reliable performance all winter long.

MD Series on truck

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Reliable and heavy duty for larger trucks.

Integral Power Unit uses all standard SAE cartridge valves for ease of service
and troubleshooting.
Poppet valves and regenerative hydraulics provide maximum speed.
Easy to use foot pedal mounting & adjustable jack mechanism.
Reiliable and easy to service extension spring trip edge design.
1/2" cutting edge with replaceable center edges.
Fast wing action with easy to use hand held controller.
Tough, heavy duty robotically welded construction.
Super bright plow lights with double stud mounts.
Brushed 14 gage heavy duty stainless moldboard.
Center cap and deflectors for excellent snow containment.

Model Width Blade
Material Thickness Angle
at Angle
VX85 102" 29" SS .105" 1-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 12" 1" 88"
VX95 114" 29" SS .105" 1-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 12" 1" 99"

Model Ribs Springs Trip Style Cutting
Weight1 Deflector Shoes
VX85 8 4 Edge 1/2" x 6" 948 lbs.* Std. Opt.
VX95 8 4 Edge 1/2" x 6" 983 lbs.* Std. Opt.

1Weight not including truck mount, 40-80 lbs. typical weight, *not including shoes

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